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Learn What You Have to Do If You Think You are Entitled to Claim Workers Compensation

It is important to learn what you have to do if you think you are entitled to claim workers compensation through your place of employment. Workers compensation exists to help employees have their basic rights protected so their medical and financial needs can be met if an accident at work occurs and the employee has been injured.  Although you may be injured while working on the job, you will not be entitled to compensation for loss of wages or financial reimbursement for medical expenses unless you have followed the proper protocol and have completed paperwork as necessary.

If you are involved in an accident at work, it is important to immediately notify your supervisor.  The supervisor must document any accident reports made by employees.  There have been many employees who have slipped and fell at work and have failed to report this because there was no noticeable damage, injury, or physical effect from the fall.  A few days or weeks later, pain can begin to occur which resulted from the fall at work.  In cases such as this, if you have not documented the fall, you may not be eligible for financial compensation through workers’ compensation because you failed to immediately report the incident.

The first step which must be taken if you are involved in any type of accident or physical event at work which could even possibly result in an injury or affect your ability to work should be you reporting this to your supervisor and filling out an accident form.  Many employees neglect to do this because they do not physically feel injured.  In the case that affects surface later which make a difference in a negative way as to you how your body feels or functions, this report will help to protect your rights when it comes to workers’ compensation.

It is also imperative to know what you have to do if you think you are entitled to claim workers’ compensation so that you will be able to receive a weekly check to help you cover the loss of wages.  Losing wages can be a dire thing for anyone and someone who depends upon every single pay check in order to pay standard household bills can quickly find himself or herself in financial stress if he or she does not know what to do to receive workers’ compensation.

You must go to a doctor or hospital and be examined for the injury you have received at work.  You must also provide proof of these medical visits to your employer so the employer can review them and pass them along to the insurance company they subscribe to for workers’ compensation.  Failure to do this can result in you being unable to receive financial compensation or payback for medical bills you have incurred.  In most cases, you must also provide a medical report which states whether or not you are able to return back  to your job.

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