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Workers’ Compensation:  Who it covers and General Information

Understanding workers’ compensation can be a challenge for anyone who is not familiar with it.  Often young adults enter into the working field and have very little information as to workers’ compensation and who it covers.  It is imperative to be aware of your rights as an employee and also of your rights if you are a business owner.  Workers’ compensation is an important part of any business because it protects both the company from unexpected lawsuits and medical expenses for an employee.  It is also helps to ensure that the rights of the employee have been fairly addressed and taken care of.

Workers’ compensation was designed specifically to help employees in case they are subject to work which can result in an injury on the job.  An on-the-job injury or accident can lead to the employee being unable to work for long periods of time and physically unable to get another job.  This loss of wage can result in financial duress for a person and this is one of the main reasons that workers compensation exists.

Compensation for workers also protects the employee who is able to return back to work after an accident or injury on the job but is left with a serious amount of medical bills.  Employees are protected through workers’ compensation laws and regulations and companies will be responsible for providing workers’ compensation to ensure that medical bills for an employee are covered if the employee suffered an injury while working at the company.

Many companies believe that since they follow a safe work practice and provide a safe and clean work environment that they will not have employees get injured on the job. Even business offices which provide immaculate work environments are at risk because an employee can trip over an extension cord or office equipment cord left out by another employee or the employee can fall down in the bathroom on a wet floor from which water leaked from the bathroom sink.

Some states do have laws that employees must be employed full time in order to receive benefits from workers’ compensation and other states do not have this requirement.  Though all states do have a form of workers’ compensation available, the details of it vary from location to location.  Although workers’ compensation exists to protect the employee and to provide financial and medical coverage and availability to an employee who has been injured while working at his or her place of employment, the employee also has a responsibility to follow the safety rules and regulations of the company in order to receive financial compensation in the event of an accident.

Workers compensation and who it covers can be determined by your specific state laws.  An employee contracted through the company as a freelance worker is not always covered by the company’s workers’ compensation insurance.  In most cases, employees who are employed full time and who are on the company pay roll for a certain amount of time are the ones most commonly covered.

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